Welcome to Eastern Hay Corporation

The premier source of hay bales for sale on the East coast

Welcome to Eastern Hay Corporation, a family owned and operated business with over 30 years of history as a premier producer, dealer and broker of the best quality grain, hay and bedding products for the equine market. While many of our competitors are simply brokers, we make our hay. We know what goes into producing the hay that horses love to eat!

We provide unmatched ability to offer a consistent year-round supply of different equine products for the show circuit.

We offer high quality hay for sale for some of the best equine facilities in the world, government agencies, horse shows and international customers. Our products and services are specially tailored for the equine market, the horse show circuit and customers with large horse facilities. We service a vast geographical scope with both clients and fields spread all over the United States and the rest of the world.

Your orders will always be promptly delivered, thanks to our diversified sources and highly efficient supply network.

Our qualified and experienced personnel have years of experience in dealing with different kinds of equine hay. They are knowledgeable about how to make, store, transport and sell high quality hay. We are committed to offering full service with delivery all over the United States. If you want high quality hay delivered to your barn, look no further. Eastern Hay Corporation takes pride in their fast, efficient and responsive solutions which keep barn owners happy. We are always committed to your satisfaction.

Call us for more information about our services or pricing. Place an order for any amount of hay; we have enough hay for sale to supply any quantity for your equine facility!



Top quality hay and bedding

Our network of seasoned horse professionals and our feed specialist from Purina ensure that each horse receives the proper nutrition. This service is usually complimentary on behalf of Purina products and the internal staff. In addition we act as a reference source for a variety of other equine needs.


Top quality hay and bedding

Our seasoned staff comprised of generations of farmers, MBA graduates, financial professionals, and our feed specialist allow our team to work with farmers in the northeast to develop strategies aimed at long-term stability and success. We work closely with our farmers to meet all their needs from corporate financing, developing infrastructure, best practices, and working to find new buyers. Contact us for more information and a list of references.


“Providing great service and products to our
customers has been passed on down thru generations of my family.
I guess those early Heinchon's were on to something ”


Our Products

The premier source of hay bales for sale on the East coast

Our hay comes from sources in Canada, the western U.S., the Finger Lakes, and local suppliers.

Our services include:

  • The finest hay, which we can deliver anywhere in the world
  • Top quality feed, and straw or shavings for bedding
  • Mulch or straw for silt fencing, seeding or shredding for contractors, which we can deliver to your desired location

In addition to horses, we have the knowledge and capacity to supply feed and hay for alpacas, zebras and any other alpine animals thanks to our relationship with Purina Mills.

Whatever size bale of hay works best for your farm, we have it.

We offer:

  • Conventional two-string hay bales (approximately 60 pounds)
  • Forty pound “kicker hay bales,” an economical choice and easy to maneuver
  • Eight hundred pound feed lot hay bales
  • Compressed, shrink wrapped hay bales (70-80 pounds, depending on first or second cutting)

Don’t see what you want? Just ask us. Customized solutions for our customers are always available.



What People Are Saying

Eastern Hay knows the importance of helping those who are unable to help themselves, or need a hand up. To that end, we are happy to donate hay or grain to horse rescues, and other organizations that benefit horses and people.

Our Beginning

About Eastern Hay

The history of Eastern Hay Corporation dates back to 1923 when the company began as a dairy farm, which was then known as Heinchon Dairy. Heinchon was later renamed Eastern Hay Corporation when the company quit dairy farming to begin hay production in Pawling, N.Y. Today, the focus is mainly on the production, brokering and distribution of hay, bedding products and feed for the equine market.

Chris Johnson, the current owner and a member of the Heinchon family, has spent his lifetime learning about farming. He shares his vast knowledge with his three sons and staff, enabling them to work together towards producing and sourcing the best quality products all year round. Throughout the past three decades that Eastern Hay has been producing and distributing hay for sale, they have been consistently successful servicing some of the most demanding and prestigious equine facilities around the world.

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